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[icon] they call these the "best years of our lives"
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Subject:Oh my gosh
Time:09:08 pm
This is probably the furthest thing from my mind anymore, I'm never on here.

Contact me on myspace or facebook because it'll probably be another 3 months before I get on again...
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Time:10:40 pm
I didn't realize the "sick" icon barfed! I thought he just had that ill look on his face - I feel really grotesque now!!
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Current Music:311 - Creatures
Subject:What's This?
Time:01:28 pm
Current Mood:sicksick
I haven't been on here in a long time... who cares. It's just not very thrilling for me.

Well today I'm sitting on my ass and missing a day at work. Although I could use the money very badly I just do not feel well enough to go to work. The last 2 and a half days my stomach has been very uneasy so I'm just taking a day. Slept in, ate some chicken soup, we'll see how things go from here.

School seems to be kicking my butt. I feel like I'm falling behind and really, really don't want that to happen. Then again it is my nature to worry so I may actually be okay and worked up for nothing. Just gotta keep focused, I've got about a semester and a half until I finish my program and actually feel accomplished in life.

Well... That's about all there is to say for now. More than likely I won't write again until like next month sometime because no one else is on here. This is why I like xanga better, the activity is much more than on here. Talk to everyone soon.
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Time:06:32 pm
List 20 people you know. (I thought this was neat)

1) Will
2) Lisa
3) Christina
4) Erin
5) Guillermo
6) Gramma
7) Dave
8) Maggie
9) Sean
10) Figer
11) Steph
12) Cathy
13) Emily
14) Jen
15) Justin
16) Tony
17) Sara
18) Linda
19) Liina
20) Jason



*How did you meet 16? At work
*What would you do if you never met 9? I'd never have an arranged marriage or knew someone with "35 inches" lol
*What do you honestly think of 17? Sara's wonderful and introduced me to the old movies, and I miss her!
*Would or did 19 and 8 date? No. My cousin wouldn't date a girl from my dorm in Akron :)
*Did you ever like 3? I have always liked Christina. She almost bought me an engagement ring! lol
*Would 2 and 11 make a good couple? I'm not sure Lisa would be interested in Steph, plus I'm not sure Rob would like giving up his girlfriend
*Do you think 12 is hot? I'm not usually attracted to girls...
*What does 1 mean to you? A whole lot! That's my Willim
*What do you think when you see 20? This is gonna be funny
*Tell something humiliating about 4? No no no
*Do you know any of 9's family members? Met them, yes
*Whats 14's favorite color? Pink I think
*On a scale of 1-10 how cute is 11? I give her a 10! lol
*What would you say if 15 just professed their undying love for you? We were once mistaken for dating, and again I'd remind him about his girlfriend and my boyfriend
*Who is 5 going out with? He just married Erin!!
*Is 9 a boy or a girl? A boy
*Why is 13 on your list? Cause she's one of my favorites from work, even though she left me!
*What grade is 17 in? Junior at BGSU
*When was the last time you talked to 12? At work the other day
*What is 1's favorite band? Nirvana I think. There's a few
*Does 2 have any siblings? Jimmy & Bobby
*Is 17 single? Last time I knew, no
*What is 19's last name? Harps
*What is 5's middle name? Marco-Venesio (I can't spell Hispanic names well)
*Where does 14 live? With her husband
*Would you make out with 20? No. That's family
*Are 12 and 14 best friends? Acquaintances
*Is 18 older than you? Yes, she's my 2nd mom
*Is 7 the sexiest of the 20? I know no one sexier than Dave lol
*How did you pick the 20 you listed? Friends & family
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Current Music:Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes
Subject:Ohhhh boy!
Time:09:38 am
Current Mood:excitedexcited
Who would've thought anyone could be excited for the end of summer? Well, I am. Not so much for the stress and constant running around I'll do to & from home, to & from work, to & from school. Luckily the Focus likes to drive, but unfortunately my gas tank is very small and gas very expensive.

Aaaaaanyways... This weekend Will is coming up here with his family for their yearly vacation in Vermillion. Whatever day I get off next week, the tenative plan is to go to Cedar Point - and I haven't been there since 8th grade with Lisa. So I'm pretty excited about that. Next Saturday is Erin's wedding shower and Bachelorette party so if they don't give me a shitty schedule Sunday, I should be able to go out and have some fun with all that :) The following weekend down to Maryland again for Will's birthday and then out to Ocean City, MD to open his parents beach house with them. I'm not sure the specifics - but they bought it, and can't go there until August 15. But we'll go check it out, do some work on it, and next year they're going to rent it out. So that'll be fun and my first time at the ocean! Then I come home and Will more or less follows me back, stays for a few days and moves back to Thiel on August 22. We both start classes the following Monday, August 29. So summer is pretty much over, and this is good.

It's good because then my routine won't be so boring. I won't be just going to & from work and getting all bored with the same every day routine. I'll be working a little less and also have the challenge of my classes and of course the homework will be another thing to fill my time. Since Will's going back to Thiel I'll be able to go out there and hang out with everyone and that's my social outlet. Basically all this running around isn't really frusterating because of the time & energy to travel, it's a blessing because I can get out of my house. For some reason my brother has been spending more time here than usual & I really, really, don't care to stick around and listen to him and his bullshit.

Well, that's that. I'm excited. And now I'm off to get ready for another exciting day at work. Yay...
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Current Music:Lost Prophets - Start Something CD
Subject:Maybe an update?
Time:10:37 am
Current Mood:boredbored
It's been forever since I wrote - I'm not as big of a fan of livejournal as I am xanga. But, here I am again, giving it an effort.

So here's a thought: I really like Fox's new animated show American Dad, it's quite hilarious. It seems like anyone who has actually watched it liked it so I think it's a hit and compairable (although defiantely not replacing) the Simpsons.

But I wonder why there hasn't been a new episodes for a few weeks. I really hope they didn't cancel it because that would just crush me. It's almost like how NBC had Medical Investigation, which was a great show, but started screwing with the time slot so they could fit Law & Order Trial by Jury on the same night. Well, Trial by Jury failed and because of all that nonsense, they cancelled Medical Investigation too. And then we get a show like this Princes of Malibu show Fox is showing about the poor little rich boys who get their money supply cut off. You know... there are a lot of people my age or younger who had their parents cut them off too but you don't see shows about us on TV! Hit Me Baby One More Time - the summer "waste of time" NBC put on - is a good show. They have groups with former hit songs from like the 80's and 90's perform their hit song, and then a hit song from now... and the winner gives money to charity of their choice. It's not brilliant TV but it's fun to watch.

Somehow I went off on this TV tangent which was really unexpected. I think it's because I'm watching a rerun of Dawson's Creek - not nearly as interesting as it used to be when I was in high school! - but only because TBS put some stupid golf thing on instead of my usual ER reruns. Stupid networks!
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Current Music:Eric Clapton - Layla
Time:09:20 pm
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
"You can chose your friends, but you can't chose your family."

I disagree.

Family, I've learned, is what you make it. Just because you have common blood doesn't mean you support each other and care even the least bit for each other like normal families do.

What provoked this? Here's the background:

A few years ago my grandparents sold the house they built 50 years ago and lived in the entire time and moved into a trailer like 1/4 of a mile away from my house. They made about $50,000 from the sale which went partially to things they needed to replace but remember - my grampa was in the nursing home for 9 months with Alzheimer's. At times, his meds cost like $300 a week.

Here's the problem:

My "family" (parts of it who are not close and who do not have a clue about my life) are saying that my grandparents sold their house to pay for my college.

Excuse me? I doubt I'd be working 38 hours a week and going to school if someone else was paying for school. I definately got shafted by my parents when it came to paying for school and yes, I'm bitter but at the same time I'm dealing with it because I don't have another choice. I'm not just going to give in to Heinens & stay there forever completely unhappy.

Your family are the people who support you. The people who are proud of what you're doing and curious to hear about your accomplishments and what you're doing next. When someone actually gives a shit to ask me how it's going or just to say they really admire that I'm doing it on my own, that means so much. It shows who is worth my time an effort.

So then I wonder what's important? The safety of being somewhere you're familiar with or the support of being in a new place with people who support you and care about you?

I know that's a random thought, but I don't want to get into the specifics on that one yet...
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Current Music:The Killers
Subject:Last Monday of the semester!
Time:11:26 am
Current Mood:angryangry
Well... it's been forever since I wrote!

This weekend was just so busy and crazy. Thursday Will was done with school so he came to my house for the weekend. Friday my friend Jen from work got married so we went to her wedding. It was so much fun! Everyone just seemed like they had an absolutely great time all night, and Jen looked so pretty! Saturday and Sunday were working days again. Sunday Will came up to have lunch with me & unfortunately had to head back to Maryland for the summer. None of the internships he applied for worked out so he had to go home to work his old job. It's not all that bad - he'll make a lot of money & there are already multiple weekends he'll be up here for different reasons and a few he wants me to come down. Still, it isn't the same.

The only other downside to this weekend besides Will leaving was my brother. He is an absolute maniac and I honestly cannot stand whenever he stays here on the weekends. Saturday night he had a friend stay over - even though I wasn't thrilled because I had to wake up at 5:30 Sunday for work (after an already sleep deprived weekend because of the wedding). Anyways, it's like 11:30 so I'm looking at 6 hours of sleep anyway and I tell them to be quiet because if they kept me up, I'd wake them up in the morning. So I close the door & I'm about to go downstairs when JD says "If that bitch comes and wakes me up in the morning I'm going to bash her head in with my phone!" Turn around, go back in the room. Tell him he is an asshole and a prick and that it's not funny because I do have to be up in the morning. He says some bullshit, and when I went downstairs my dad asked what was wrong so I told him. He goes back up, and the two idiots are quiet when I go back to bed.

Until I'm about asleep. As I'm walking past their room my brother and his asshole friend are trying to think of creative ways they can wake me, "the bitch", up in the middle of the night. Then says if he even sees me he's going to kill me or beat the shit out of me or something so I just go in my room. About to fall asleep when I start hearing this weird noise - they are making a spiderweb of duct tape across his doorway!! For what reason, I don't know until the next day.

My mom tells me about this & says it's because "they didn't want me to come in during the night." Why the hell would I if I were asleep? Paranoid a little? Yeah, drugs will do that to you. But what's worse yet is my mom thinks its funny! She thinks it's funny that they're so stupid to think duct tape is indestructable against me - like I can't cut it apart or I can't just scream by the door since it's not sound proof. So when I say that the sound of duct tape and two morons laughing kept me up, she really doesn't even acknowledge it. Of course not, she was in bed & heard nothing of this so she couldn't care less.

Then later I'm down here talking to my mom when my brother comes in the room. All of a sudden it's like I'm not there because they start talking and I'm completely left out of whatever conversation I had already started and anything they were talking about. Forget it - I just walk away because it doesn't even matter whether I'm there or not.

Like he hasn't caused enough bullshit yet, he drank the Pepsi Will bought for us without asking or mentioning it. He & his dumbass friend ate my box of toaster studels which wouldn't be a big deal except that I have to shop for myself since our parents never leave the house. Again, he doesn't mention it, doesn't ask, and I'm sure my mother didn't tell him those weren't his and to leave them alone. But he can get away with this because he's JD and he's the favorite child even though he's an inconsiderate druged up little bastard.

Remember how yesterday was Mothers Day? I got my mom & gramma some tulips and a little bag of candy, nothing big but something. (I didn't even want to get my mom anything because I don't think she's been a good parent now, in the past, or ever, but it's the respectful thing to do especially if I got Gramma something) JD got them each nothing, and yet I still get ignored by my mother whenever he enters the room.
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Current Music:Rolling Stones - Street Fighting Man
Time:10:04 am
Current Mood:worriedworried
The Heinens parking lot: bringing my Focus & a Nissan Xterra closer together... literally.

Yeah, definately had a very minor collision with an Xterra yesterday after work. We were still in the store parking lot too. Same store where I had my debit card stolen a little over a year ago. These are things that make me wonder why I'm still working there.

Anyway - it was a stupid situation. There was a 16 year old girl driving an Xterra who was directly behind me in the parking lot. We both looked, didn't see each other because of the angled parking spots or just blind spots, I'm not even sure. So we proceed to back up and end up hitting each other.

Technically, she hit me. Her back passenger side bumper hit my drivers door, proving that I was out of the parking spot further. Still, neither of us had a right away and we were both basically in our spots still and there is no one to blame.

While we're standing in the parking lot trying to figure out what to do, I see my friend Justin is stiting in his car so he gets out as a witness. The girl's dad comes up to see what the damages were and realized it was worse than he thought. My drivers side mirror is broken off and my door is all dented in. We're not sure yet (based on amateur opinions) if I'll have to get a new door.

The Chardon police came, we made a report because without it, I can't claim it on my insurance. I've got to claim it on my insurance... my dad says the mirror alone he figures to be $150 and the door looks like between $600 - $800 to repair. I definately don't have that kind of money readily available!

Now I'm waiting to talk to insurance people and eventually schedule an appointment to take my car into Crandall to get it fixed. I have to drive it until then which I might as well paint ghetto on my back bumper - my door is all dented & my mirror is duct taped to my car. *sigh* Since the mirror had been hanging by just a wire, Justin taped it because I didn't need it falling off into a ditch and didn't need to get stopped on my way home from work for having my mirror flapping in the wind.

And that was just Sunday.

I've still got to deal with all this financial shit from school which should be an absolute bucket full of fun. Talk about adding stress to an already stressful life.

This week I'm working 38 hours, so 6 full days at work. The pay will be nice, but I've also got school 3 days and a test Monday about microbiology & immunology in the laboratory which I'm really not understanding.

It's going to be a loooooong week.
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Current Music:Velvet Revolver - Dirty Little Thing
Subject:Friday - no work makes a happy maski
Time:03:57 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
I'm in quite a good mood today. Last night & today has been somewhat stressful getting ready to leave for Pittsburgh where Will's formal is tonight - we're leaving as soon as he's back from a meeting but otherwise a few hours & we're there!

Because it seems to be a topic of interest, I am wearing a silver dress. If anyone remembers from high school, I wore it to my junior homecoming. It's black with silver sequins on it, so basically it's silver. Looks like a disco ball but I love the color silver so I do love that dress.

Anyways. This week has ended as a pretty good one besides the formal. I've gotten to talk to some of my long lost friends & that feels great! Not that I love them any less, it's just that getting older and having responsibilities like work and school makes it difficult to keep a steady social life. It doesn't look like summer will be any better for socializing since I'll be working even more than now just without the classes. Still, there's just so much to do. It's almost overpowering.

Well that's my good mood. Now I have to get all my stuff ready so I can run out the door as soon as Will gets back. I've done my hair and nails and makeup already so hopefully it'll all look good by the time we actually get there too. lol

Have a good weekend everyone :)
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[icon] they call these the "best years of our lives"
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